02 November 2006

emily metzgar is getting it!


yay emily metzgar finally writes a piece that we can agree with and thats not mostly republican spam.
writes ms. metzgar in part:
"Just imagine what the concept of accountability could do for Louisiana. In some states there are actually consequences for dismal public policy indicators, poor stewardship of public funds, flawed decision-making and repeated allegations of corruption. In some states, it doesn't take the depopulation of the state's most populous city to spark discussion about the need for government reform. And in some states, the media actually lead reform efforts before a moment of crisis arrives."
ms. metzgar's article is timely for us because it kinda dove-tails into our previous post ldwf another blanco failure. you see, not long after we posted that entry we received a couple of commentators pelirroja commenting here and here and thehamstallion commenting here who took issue with our knocking the governor over her appointment of former state rep. bryant hammett to be the sec'y of the louisiana department of wildlife and fisheries.

we imagine that it does piss off the criminal network errr louisiana political structure because they have had decades --if not centuries-- to rape this state and its citizens and do whatsoever they want to do and now anyone with an internet connection can help to call them into account for all to see. in other words now we the people can compare notes so to speak.