06 November 2006

rabbi yisroel dovid weiss on fox news

**updated** friday 29 december 2006 rabbi yisroel dovid weiss appeared again yesterday 28 december 2006 on fox news
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note: rabbi yisroel dovid weiss is the official, unofficial, rabbi to wesawthat..., although he doesnt know it and might object to being associated with such a lively bunch as us, nevertheless, if we were jewish we would be neturei karta as well.

we just came across this vid via rense.com and we gotta say that neil cavuto and fox news to their credit treated rabbi weiss much better than that cnn headline news air bag glenn beck did in an interview back at 27 july 2006 see the cnn transcript orthodox rabbi blame mideast crisis on israel speaking of glenn beck, have you got a load of this guy? is he an old queen or what? geeze.

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according to the god fearing, true torah jews of which rabbi weiss is one the true state of israel prophesied in the bible will not be established until the messiah comes and establishes it himself. the zionist state of israel that presently exists is not ordained or blessed by god and as such will fail and this is part of the reason that there has been so much trouble in the middle east.

did you know that zionism is an atheistic, nationalistic movement that is at odds with traditional judiasm?
we must assume that jesus was talking about zionists and zionism when he made the following remarks:
"...I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan." revelation chapter 2 verse 9 & "Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee." revelation chapter 3 verse 9.

see benjamin freedman's explanation of khazarian jews: "facts are facts the truth about khazars."

when you stop and think about it what the zionist state of israel is doing to their half-brothers and neighbors is not godly by either old or new testament standards. lets stop supporting zionism and the zionist's goyim poodles - walking dung-bags like john hagee, pat robertson, jerry falwell, franklin and billy graham. when you think about it they are really about amassing money and political power.
rabbi chaim lefkovitz "the true voice of judiasm that its hardly heard through out the world in these days. the reason for it is very clear to people who know and unclear for people who dont know. unfortunately, after the so called holocaust most of our rabbinical leaders got perished in the war and the zionist leaders they took over the power of the name of the true name of the jewish people when in fact zionism in basic is an atheistic nationalistic movement extremely opposed to the basic faith of judiasm[...] whats going on in these days...when true jews, rabbinical leaders and torah scholars try to say a true jewish word we get obstructed immediately and thats what happens over and over"
arguing over words may seem trivial, but it is the reason we have wars in the Middle East. A group of people referring to themselves as "Jews" are insisting that Palestine belongs to them because their ancestors lived there 2000 years ago. They created the Zionist movement to help restore their homeland.

However, numerous historians have looked into this issue and discovered that most of these Zionists are not descendants of the original Jews. Rather, most Zionists are "Ashkenazi Jews"; a race of people from Asia. The real, original Jews were physically and genetically similar to the Arabs, specifically, dark skin, dark eyes, and dark hair.

The real homeland for the white, Ashkenazi Jews is near the Caspian and Black Seas, not Palestine. Their ancestors picked up the Jewish religion many centuries ago. Due to the widespread ignorance of people in that era, after a few generations they assumed that they were the descendants of the Jews that lived in Palestine. click here to read more.
heres a shocker, did you know that when iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad was in america recently he visited with jewish leaders? you didnt see this reported anywhere in the (zionist) controlled press now did you? furthermore, when president ahmadinejad was quoted as saying words to the effect that israel should be wiped off the face of the earth he wasnt referring to israel being nuked , bombed and so forth what president ahmadinejad was talking about was that the zionist government of israel should be dissolved.

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