24 November 2006

will roseanne & tom arnold bury the hatchet?

we were channel surfing the other night or channel sharking as it should be called because most of the time we feel like if you stop surfing you die. lol. occasionally there are some good programs to watch um mostly on c-span.
at cnn we were reintroduced to roseanne again for the first time in a long time last week on larry king live. we caught the portion of roseann's interview when she is talking about the internet and how fantastic it is theres a video clip of a portion of her interview here. roseanne mentioned her blog roseanneworld.com and how she loves blogging and will "run up there" and post anything on her blog that comes into her head or stream of consciousness. lol.

so we went over and checked out her blog and its pretty good. we posted about roseannes take on the fox news, rupert murdoch & oj simpson debacle. then, yesterday evening we logged on roseanneworld.com to read roseannes latest post and maybe we are all wrong and misread her being new to her blog and all but the tenor of it unsettled us. we would have left a comment there instead, but the blog doesnt allow for them. the way we read it it seemed like an easy swipe on roseannes part against tom arnold.

anyway, we sent roseanne the following email and we really hope that she lets us all know that indeed tom arnold and her have buried the hatchet.


To: askroseanne@roseanneworld.com
Subject: bury the hatchet with tom arnold
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2006 15:50:20 -0600

dear roseanne, we read your most recent post on tom arnold with some sadness on your end because by it you seemed to be projecting negativity in mr arnolds direction; in reading your past blog entries we cant see how that this is in keeping with the philosophies claimed by you to believe in....using each other to make the other one look good works both ways :P some of us perhaps a small fragment of us enjoyed your and mr arnolds professional association. we like both of you equally and remember that time as a special time in our lives. the jackie thomas show that you got for mr arnold which was a good show for both of you then rumourdely you yanked it when he pissed you off. maybe by now you regret that...or not. perhaps a reason mr arnold will only address you before an audience is because he feels that only with witnesses will you keep your word or anyone would take him seriously. of couse we have to take into consideration that you two lived together; that we werent there for personal nastiness -- from both sides. -- but thats not the point of this...all we want to say is that we care about both of you and when you hurt each other on purpose it hurts us double. bury the hatchet with tom arnold.