21 November 2006

the greg aymond - rich dupree mp3s

the greg aymond - rich dupree mp3s...

here they are! two of the much touted, often doubted mp3s

louisiana's old boy network...the other shoe is dropping...

xxx mp3 one xxx- please listen to this tape first xxx sources tell wst that this is rich dupree explaining what he had told a town talk reporter about greg aymond's termination. notice that mr.dupree said he lacked confidence in mr.aymond's ability to handle waterworks matters and that his vote had nothing to do with the (town of ball, louisiana, mayor) roy hebron matter. this is from the waterworks district 3 board meeting of tuesday, 27 july 2004.

xxx mp3 two xxx- please listen to this tape last xxx this audio file is from a telephone conversation between greg aymond and rich dupree held on wednesday, 14 july 2004, immediately after the water works district 3 board meeting in which the board voted 6-3 to terminate aymond's service as the waterworks attorney of 16 years. notice in this conversation, rich dupree states that greg aymond was fired as a result of the roy hebron matter and that mr. dupree offers to let mr. aymond continue handling all ongoing litigation.

rich dupree

whats interesting to us in tape two is at around time 1:23 mr. dupree remarked "in carrying through the intent of what we asked you to do versus the letter of what we asked you to do i think you know this board wanted that issue settled and over with" this brought to mind an old term we learned in the navy called "gundecking." interestingly, on 20 september 2004 the rapides parish police jury removed mr. dupree (his term wasnt set to expire until 01 may 2006) and two others from the water works district 3 board. rppj minutes here.

a few weeks after these events, and despite a letter from rapides parish district attorney, "jam" downs, advising that it should recoup the costs of the waterline through a civil action, the water board voted to make mayor hebron's waterline a public line. no payment was made by mayor hebron, and that is the only waterline in the district laid across private property and that serves only one home. at the time that decision was made, mayor hebron appointed three members to that board and his brother was appointed to it by the rapides parish police jury.

In his lawsuit for slander, against rich dupree, the trial judge {robert p. jackson, judge ad hoc} summarily dismissed the lawsuit, without allowing greg aymond to put subpoenaed witnesses on the stand or to introduce any evidence, including these tapes. the dismissal was later upheld on appeal to louisiana's third circuit court of appeal. judges: ulysses gene thibodeaux, chief judge, and james t. genovese voted to uphold the dismissal while judge sylvia r. cooks wrote a dissent.

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