15 November 2006

local blogger named to alexandria mayor elect transition team

heh, we predicted back in march that local blogger cenlamar/ lamar white, jr., would "become a force to be reckoned with." now mr. white has been named to alexandria mayor-elect jacques roy transition team. in a gmail conversation with wesawthat... mr. white shared his views on alexandria's new administration:

Working on the Roy campaign was one of the most valuable experiences of my life. I made the decision to publicly support Mr. Roy nearly four months ago, after a lengthy conversation with him about smart growth and quality of life issues, and since then, I have been working with him on articulating his message and making his case to the citizens of Alexandria. The blog offered one convenient venue, and it also enabled me to share information about the election that would otherwise not be reported by the mainstream media.

Regarding the transition team, Mr. Roy has organized the team based on principles of smart growth, and during the next three weeks, we will all be working diligently to flesh out the issues and suggest potential appointments, policies, procedures, and priorities. The committee to which I was assigned will discuss and analyze quality of life, which is a broad task. Quality of life encompasses a number of different but interrelated issues. At its core, we will be asking, "What can we do to make Alexandria a better place to live?" We will be discussing everything from how to bring more concerts to our city to how to work with our technical college to improve our skilled workforce.
see also the town talk: roy names transition team and kalb.com: roy statement on transition & mayor-elect roy on committees
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