06 September 2007

'alexandria city council tells mayor to stay out of the cleco case'

at this point we dont know and dont pretend to know whats going on with the mayor and the city council. all we do know for sure is that today around 2:30 pm cdt the alexandria daily town talk posted the following story to its website. then a few minutes later the town talk edited the story and that version can be seen here.

Alexandria City Council tells mayor to stay out of the Cleco case
Town Talk staff

The Alexandria City Council today issued a directive to Mayor Jacques M. Roy to cease and desist all involvement in the Cleco case.

The council also directed the city’s special counsel attorneys in the Cleco case, John Sharp and Craig Davidson, to file documents re-enrolling attorney Bridgett Brown as counsel in the Cleco case representing the city.

The city has been involved in a longtime legal dispute with Cleco over allegations that Cleco overcharged the city for electricity.

The council cited City Charter Section 3-07(8) as giving them the power to order the mayor to stay out of the Cleco case. Section 3 deals with the executive branch of the city and says the mayor shall have the following powers and duties: (8) Perform such other duties as are specified in this charter or may be required by the council.

The council also directed that upon her re-enrollment, Brown should dismiss her petition for intervention and sign all necessary documents, including but not limited to the standing protective order.

The council issued the directive immediately following a special executive session today.

city council directives

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