27 September 2007

buckeye wins squirrel bowl

see also the town talk 'menard hunting 'squirrel bowl' trophy'.
The "Squirrel Bowl" used to be just a name given to the football game Buckeye High School played on the Thursday before the opening of squirrel season.

Long ago, the school decided to move its traditional Friday night game before the opening of squirrel season to Thursday to accomodate the many players, coaches, parents and fans in the Buckeye community who wanted to be at their hunting camps on Friday night, preparing for the big day.

For several years, the unofficial Squirrel Bowl was a rivalry between Buckeye and Block, but Block decided after the game three years ago it didn't want to continue the Thursday night series, said former longtime Buckeye coach Jerry Cole.

Soon afterwards, Holy Savior Menard coach Roger Herrington said his team would like to play the Panthers on Thursdays to continue the tradition, Cole said, and Herrington suggested a trophy be made for the winning team to keep.

"The Panther Club bought the trophy my last year there as head coach," Cole said, referring to the game at Buckeye two years ago.

Buckeye won that game, 21-7, to receive the Squirrel Bowl trophy, a log sculpture of a life-size squirrel looking out of a hole in a tree.
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