21 September 2007

how stupid does the hypocritical baggy panted alexandria, la. mayor think we are?

just how stupid does alexandria, louisiana mayor jacques roy think we are? apparently a lot as mayor roy seizes an opportunity on cnn to jump on the jena 6 bandwagon yet has no shame for his own racist stances with (to name a few) the alexandria, la. abandoned car ordinance which was an overtly racist and predatory ordinance designed to steal poor "niggers" cars from them to enrich certain politically connected (to the mayor) tow truck and junkyard operators. see more alexandria abandoned car horror about how the city stole ms. barbara compton's (an elderly african american woman) car from her backyard and alexandria 'abandoned car' ordinance challenged about how they stole mr. errick fatherees' (another african american) car which was housed off the street in a garage on private property.

more recently mayor roy showed his disdane for and proclivity against the constitution and towards pro governmental racism with the baggy pants ordinance a totally unconstitutional law which is designed to profile, target and criminalize black youths for the type of clothes they choose to wear.

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in a separate story about the truck noose incident alexandria police sergeant clifford gatlin was quoted as saying: "I wish we had a charge in Louisiana for aggravated ignorance, because this is a classic case," Gatlin said". if that was the case then the alexandria police should arrest the mayor and the entire city council because they are about the most willfully ignorant lot we've ever seen.
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