10 September 2007

la supreme court needs to allow court room cameras

in this (see link) article in todays morning advocate by adrian angelette "la. jurists fear lower integrity" reveals that "the louisiana supreme court continues to prohibit cameras in courtrooms," valerie willard, public relations officer for the supremes says that "the justices in louisiana still have a number of concerns, the biggest being protecting the integrity of court proceedings."

think about that for a moment. what is this mysterious "integrity" that apparently only courts have and how would broadcasting it for all us peons to see somehow violate it? while in reality, common sense tells us that if the courts had any integrity at all they would be more than willing to have it broadcast for all to see. the courts, the lawyers, clerks of courts, the entire court and law industry if they took pride in their work and were doing good by the people they would insist on it! especially in this technologically advanced age when its so easy to do.

back in the little house on the prairie days, the courthouse, second only maybe to church, was americans favorite place to go for drama and theatrics. allowing cameras into the courtroom so that americans can again view the proceedings, now -- from the comfort of our own homes and offices is a natural progression. in louisiana like with everything else that makes sense, court cameras are way over due.

a good case in point is the recent roy v alexandria city council hearing. there should already be a law in place requiring its video recording and broadcast to the citizenry. the hearing could have easily been broadcast live on public access channel 4. theres no telling how many homes, offices and businesses would have been tuned in. in this technologically advanced age the only explanation that makes sense is that the supremes in concert with the lower courts dont want to make it easier for citizen participation they want to keep it hidden and make it harder for the citizenry to see whats going on when the entire purpose of the court system is for the benefit of we the people. the people decide if the courts have any integrity not the courts themselves.
so sorry ms. willard and supremes this is a bullshit excuse to deny cameras in the courtrooms.

we dont put any faith in the present louisiana state supreme court either. after all, this is the same bunch of idiots that ruled in state of louisiana v leslie otto ordodi that just thinking about a crime not actually committing one, makes you criminally liable and you can and will be locked up for it.