10 September 2007

moon griffon's sinister side-kick ruth ulrich to run for bese board dist 5

bese is the administrative policy-making body for the louisiana board of elementary and secondary education. according to its website "the board sets key education initiatives and strives to provide leadership in setting an education agenda for the continuous improvement of public education as measured by student and school achievement."

so far the bese board has royally screwed up louisiana's public school systems by amongst other things instituting so called "leap 21 and gee 21 tests" this "teaching the test" methodology has predictably resulted in the schools sole mission to teach freely, being usurped by unknown bureaucrats who write the tests to control and manipulate what and how children are taught from kindergarten through graduation. they do this quite easily in how they choose to focus the tests from year to year, grade by grade, so if they dont want something taught they simply leave out mention of it on the test and the reverse is true too..."sorry we cant teach that because its not on the test and we cant waste valuable time teaching something thats not on the test now can we?...we gotta get these scores up-n-shit"

we dont even need teachers anymore just stand-ins who can follow an outline. this all works part and parcel with what is called outcome based education; this is how entire generations are brainwashed quickly and efficiently. the state of louisiana thinks this is all a good idea.

now along comes ruth ulrich. anyone thats ever listened to moon griffon's radio program automatically knows that ms. ulrich is the very last person that should have anything to do whatsoever with children and education. ms. ulrich is one of, if not the most, unashamedly lyingest republican and george bush propaganda bullshit shills and operatives on the air.

ms. ulrich and her crew never miss an opportunity to slam the governor and other democrats for the slightest thing, going so far as to make up those joke parody songs etc yet they never point out the great criminality of the republicans including george bush, piyush "bobby" jindal, rodney alexander, richard hugh baker, jim mccrery, charles boustany, jr. and david vitter. no one in that entire moon griffon nexus of accomplished liars should be elected dog-catcher.