02 September 2007

'baggy pants' law already rejected by louisiana state house

we did a little more research on the 'baggy pants' issue and found that back in the 2004 regular legislative session another self-hating negro -- then state representative (now state senator) derrick shepherd introduced a bill (see link) that would have created out of thin air "the crime of unlawfully wearing clothing which exposes undergarments or body parts." the bill hb 1703 (substitute for house bill 1626 by representative shepherd) said that

Whoever violates the provisions of this Section shall be required to perform three eight-hour days of community service at a fire department in the parish where he was convicted and in addition, may be required to pay a fine of not more than one hundred and seventy five dollars.

twenty minute video clip of house floor debate and vote on hb1703 from 25 may 2004. clip courtesy central la politics blog.

rep. shepherd, this silly clown, actually says that without this law the house pages will start to wear 'baggy pants' to work. lol. "are you gonna tell me that you want them (house pages) to walk these ailes as a right to tell us whether or not they have britches on their body to show us that? by voting against this bill you are telling them they have the right to walk these halls and say i dont have on britches and theres nothing you can do about it." -- state rep. derrick shepherd - this is the kind of dolts that we have writing the laws for this state.

inexplicably, state representative rick farrar, a lawyer and graduate of the southern university law center which is a majority black university voted for this bill while on the other hand state representative charlie dewitt who likes to play the "aw shucks" red neck routine voted against it.

in the video clip you will also notice that it was two other white guys representatives jack smith and danny martiny who spoke out and voted against the bill.

whether its atlanta, georgia and councilman c.t.martin or alexandria, louisiana and councilman charles frederick smith or the state house and then representative derrick shepherd -- the evidence shows that when its all said and done its black people that author and help pass racist legislation aimed against their own people.
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