24 September 2007

spy cameras: baggy pants roy and city council's war on civil liberties

the alexandria daily town talk's karina donica reports in her 'city notebook' column (see link) that "The City Council's Economic Development Committee is expected to discuss a plan that seeks to install surveillance cameras in some areas."

now why do you suppose something like red-light spy camera's is being discussed by the economic development committee and not the legal committee? most likely because to the mayor and city council red-light spy cameras are just that -- economic development.

what mayor roy and the city council are doing is setting up a revenue stream to have the monies to hire their cronies to do "city work."

we see an example of this in this kalb report where they reported that attorney toni martin billed the city - kalb says $18,000 and the town talk reported $16,000 for "legal work."

this $16,000 bill was for the period of 15 august - 04 september 2007 a period of counting the 15th and 4th fourteen working days (03 september was the 2007 labor day holiday) this comes out to $1,142.87 per day. theres no attorney in all of alexandria or rapides parish worth $1,142.87 a day.

alexandrian's are being scammed and conned left and right and no one cares.

more later...