18 September 2007

S.A. 2067 ted kennedy's hate crime bill

2009: H.R. 1913 and ted kennedy's S.909 pass the house and senate. kennedy's S.909 was attached as an amendment to H.R. 2647 national defense authorization act for fiscal year 2010.



By Rev. Ted Pike
18 Sep 07

This afternoon Senate liberals tried to attach so-called "hate crimes" legislation S.A.2067 to the defense department authorization bill H.R. 1585 by a unanimous consent agreement, but Sen. John McCain objected. Moments later, Sen. Ted Kennedy took the floor and explained that he was trying to attach the hate crimes legislation to the defense bill because, "…The defense authorization bill is dealing with the challenges of terrorism and the hate crimes issue…We're talking about domestic terrorism…"

Call your Senators toll-free at 1-877-851-6437 or toll 1-202-225-3121. Tell them: "Please don't vote for Senator Kennedy's hate crimes bill S.A. 2067. Hate laws have taken away free speech in Canada and many European countries."

Since the hate bill threat concerns the freedom of ourselves and our children, it's defeat is far too important to be entrusted to the President. It is you and I who should make sure it is destroyed tomorrow [19 september 2007] on the floor of the Senate.


Harmony Grant
4 Jan 07

Unless we resist now, a thought crimes bureaucracy like those regulating Australia, Canada and Europe will soon rule America. In these nations, federal hate laws have destroyed citizens’ rights to free speech. Punishment of politically incorrect bias is the ultimate goal of this legislation. Democrats support hate laws and their control of Congress means almost certain passage—unless enough Americans protest.

A national hate law would shatter Americans’ First Amendment rights, which are now sadly unique among Western democracies. We would lose our precious freedom to express politically incorrect ideas, moral judgments, or whatever personal convictions the reigning thought police deem “hateful.”

Think this can’t happen in America? Think again. Hostile work environment law and campus speech bans already severely curtail free expression in American workplaces and universities. A US federal hate law would follow the examples of Europe, Canada, and Australia where Christian pastors have been indicted simply for quoting politically incorrect Scripture in their sermons. Iceland’s Orwellian hate law, for example, promises two years’ jail if you verbally “insult” a person on the basis of their nationality, skin color, race, religion, or sexual orientation.

If a federal hate law were passed, free expression across the political spectrum would be threatened. What would happen to blasphemous art like Piss Christ or South Park, to Ann Coulter or Al Franken, to Christians protesting sodomy or homosexuals attacking the Bible? Every American, from left-leaning feminists to red state Republicans, should protest “anti-hate” legislation. If Rosie O’Donnell were an Icelander, she could have been prosecuted for verbal “assault” for her recent statement that radical Christianity is as dangerous as radical Islam. Political activists in nations with hate laws have already been indicted for criticizing Islam, Zionism, and homosexuality. Hate laws threaten your freedom to speak your mind, no matter what’s on it.

Here are some of the most powerful, bipartisan reasons to fight this legislation...

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