27 September 2007

loony lafayette goes spy camera crazy

see link for katc video

this is one of lafayette, loozeeanna's new 'safe speed' vans.

this is tony tramel, this silly clown says that "what we're trying to do is change driving behavior, the people in the past have just said look i'am sorry, theres no chance of me getting caught any place, i'am gonna do what i'am gonna do and have at it." mr. tramel confirms that we no longer have a government of, for and by the people. the servant has now become the master and the master the servant.

its not governments role to brainwash citizens or modify their behavior. if the government will brainwash and modify your behavior with this, then it stands to reason they will do it in other things too. the government now says that you will do and accept whatever we want and we're gonna make a lot of money off of you to boot.

this is lafayette driver jennifer martin she says that "honestly, i think that people are going to focus too much on the van as opposed to actually watching the road. its going to cause more problems than it needs too."

c.j. johnson says that "if a cop pulls you over because your daughters in the back seat and you got to get her to the hospital or something or maybe even something minor than that, you can stop and you can talk man-to-man to that person and their going to understand your story, whereas, that camera dont do nothing, it takes pictures and sends the ticket."

interesting klfy report on the red flex red light spy camera traffic scam recently foisted on the the citizens of lafayette and which the alexandria, city government is furiously working on installing too.