11 September 2007

UNBELIEVEABLE baggy panted mayor makes chicken-shit of the louisiana constitution

some people think mayor roy made a bone-headed move in not vetoing charles frederick smith's 'baggy pants' ordinance. while 'boneheaded' is certainly one word that comes to mind -- the other word that comes to mind based on mayor roy's own comments is criminal.

on 04 december 2006 jacques m. roy, duly elected but before he could ever become mayor, was first required to stand before the public and promise god that "i solemnly swear that i will support the constitution and laws of the united states, that i will faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all the duties incumbent upon me as mayor for the city of alexandria according to the best of my ability and understanding so help me god"...heres the video

ever since this 'baggy pants' foolishness instigated by the self hating negro charles frederick smith was sprung on the people -- people who have bothered to check into the legality and constitutionality of such, have all said that its unconstitutional, wont survive a court challenge and being a new law was ripe for a court challenge and that this ordinance only serves to make alexandrians look stupid. talking about looking stupid globally -- we've had 'baggy pants' googlers from the media like the british broadcasting corporation, nbc universal, turner/cnn, newspapers, lots n lots of law offices, bloggers and others from south america and canada, australia and new zealand, europe, asia and on and on...this shit is almost as popular as richard lee mcnair. so to the mayor and the city council we say - Mission Accomplished! assholes.

going back to the oath the mayor and each city councilmen took -- making someone stick up their right hand and swear an oath is the only thing the human race has come up with to be able to hold someone 100% accountable and responsible to do what they say they are going to do.

this is why its so important to hold politicians faithful to their oath. the oath they swear is what is supposed to be their guiding principal. it sets the tone of everything they do. politicians are supposed to work within the constitution and they swear to not weaken it or tear it down. they are not meant to use their offices to get back at people by supporting or ordaining dubious, unconstitutional laws that use the power of the state to that end for them.

in this two minute video clip of 28 august 2007 alexandria city council meeting, mayor roy seemingly tells the city council about the 'baggy pants' ordinance being unconstitutional. however, even worse, if you listen closely at the beginning the mayor qualified himself by stating "before you move to "h" i just want to let the council know regarding number thirty-two and iam not saying that you would need to reconsideration, mister johnson [city attorney charles "chuck" johnson] has expressed some issues about constitutionality and those kinda things i just want to let the council know since he's not here..." the mayor to put it on the city attorney -- then in the end doesnt trust his own city attorney enough to follow his advice!

the alexandria mayor is an attorney at law too and has at least in one instance informed the city council that his being bound by the lawyer code of conduct would from time to time govern or guide some of his actions/decisions unlike a non-lawyer mayor. looks like this could mean that as an officer of the court the mayor by not vetoing this ordinance has violated the louisiana rules of professional conduct rule 3.1 because the rules of professional conduct say that the mayor "knows" or "reasonably should know" that upon the competent legal advice (of the city attorney) who the mayor said told him 'baggy pants' laws are unconstitutional and that:
"A lawyer shall not bring or defend a proceeding, or assert or controvert an issue therein, unless there is a basis for doing so in good faith, which includes a good faith argument for an extension, modification or reversal of existing law."
because of this rule every time someone gets cited or hauled to court for 'baggy pants' the mayor because hes a lawyer who allowed what he already knew to be an unconstitutional law go on the books is perpetrating a fraud on the court, because like the rule states the mayor modified or reversed existing law without any good faith basis or argument for doing so.

you see most if not all of this crap would never get this far if the lawyers and politicians just followed the rules and the laws that are already there for them. then again if you're fortunate enough to be a lawyer and a mayor you can just appoint your lawyer friends to defend it. all for a nice fee of course. oink! oink!

we see on the secretary of state's website where the mayor's brother chris roy, jr. qualified for state representative for louisiana's twenty-fifth district. seeing how his brother the mayor operates, you would be a fool, a sucker to vote another one in to public office.

the mayor, the city council and everyone else who swore an oath to support the constitution and uphold the laws and yet had a hand in foisting this 'baggy pants' ordinance on the people should all be investigated for probably violating the louisiana constitution at: article x part three section 30.