03 September 2007

'baggy pants' charles frederick smith on faux fox news

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the other day alexandria, louisiana city councilman charles frederick smith brought his stuttering, stammering, shuck and jive routine to the nation and the world courtesy of fox news. councilman smith was attempting to justify his 'baggy pants' ordinance, instead he managed to set alexandria's reputation back about twenty years.

shepherd smith, who could barely keep a straight face throughout the interview asks councilman smith why?
"because of uh exposure of the undergarments and their sometimes showing the top of their butts." councilman smith said.

it would seem that councilman smith is on the side of the criminals and is trying to help them out because he says "we had one [baggy pants wearer] that was trying to run away from the police his pants fell and he tripped and they caught him" shepherd smith interjects "well see, it worked out great in that case now didnt it?" "i'am just saying" councilman smith replied.

we guess nike, converse, new balance, etc... arent welcome in alexandria either because later on in the interview councilman smith, incredulously tries to turn the issue into a racial one when he says that "nobody's saying anything about what ya'll address about the tennis industry where they making blue and red you got crips and bloods and these young peple out here getting killed over colors we not addressing that problem either"
shepherd smith says "we just went from showing underwear to kids being killed!"

louisiana's political class are made up of nothing but con-artists, clowns, buffoons, liars, bozos you can go right down the list...