02 September 2007

Piyush anti-Christ

UPDATE: piyush the apostate

"...the wicked shall do wickedly; and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand." ~ daniel chapter twelve verse ten king james version
piyush screeches "the political insiders attacked me for my christian faith."

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piyush utters what has to be the biggest, brazenest and so far unanswered lie ever : "i'am a born again christian who believes the bible is god's word." whats so sad is that a lot of the baptists and protestants are sitting there going "i didnt know catholics were born again." they're not you idiot! not like baptists and protestants believe.

piyush is attempting to deceive you into by blurring the lines between the faiths to trick you into thinking they are the same -- when obviously they are not. theres a reason there are catholics and baptists and methodists and pentecostals, etc... if this wasnt the major aim of the ad then why did piyush in what must have been intentional on his part, fail to mention that he is a roman catholic?

as many catholic websites like this one show that the catholic understanding/definition of born again is contrary to the baptist and protestant meaning.

so where are the faithful catholics at? why arent they speaking out against this cheapening and weakening of their faith? you can forget about the baptists and protestants speaking out. most if not all of their churches are totally infiltrated by change agents and deceivers. like we see here in pastor gil arthur at east leesville baptist church. we see another deceiver in pastor stephen laughlin at first baptist church of oakdale and even in tiny dry prong at the first baptist church theres a deceiver amongst them in rev. lloyd whitman. each and every one of these devils invited a roman catholic (piyush "bobby" jindal) into their churches to give his testimony. when they know full well that no catholic has any such testimony to give to them. the bible calls these preachers and the deacons and elders too "reprobates" we call them scumbags and shit heads.

wheres the pope at on this? joseph cardinal ratzinger, for many years before he became pope benedictus xvi headed the congregation for the doctrine of the faith -- you know those merry men who brought us the spanish inquisition. it was just around 10 july 2007 the pope issued a statement that said "Pope: Other denominations not true churches." so the catholic church's silence in this matter is doubly troubling.

ask yourself does it make any sense that piyush who claims to be a christian yet votes for every piece of unchristian, unamerican, antichrist legislation presented him? legislation such as the usa patriot act, the military commissions act, the real id act and the john warner defense act would a real christian violate his oath to god to support and defend the constitution then use every opportunity to weaken it or outright abolish it? in case you're wondering the answer is hell no!

the fact of the matter is that piyush was born of pagan parents and raised in a pagan home. as far as we have been able to ascertain his parents and siblings still practice their heathen religion.

waaaay back in deuteronmy chapter seventeen when god was instructing the biblical israelites on how to form their own government its recorded in the laws pertaining to kings, that god said: "you shall surely set a king over you whom the Lord your God chooses; one from among your brethren you shall set as king over you; you may not set a foreigner over you, who is not your brother."

you better heed the word of the lord.
the facebook group indians against piyush "bobby" jindal links here
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