18 September 2007

city of alexandria has a few job openings

when alexandria, louisiana city councilman louis marshall first asked in the 11 september 2007 personnel / insurance committee meeting if the city still had a prohibition against hiring convicted felons he set off a firestorm of controversy. theres nothing wrong with hiring people that have previously spent time in jail, depending on the crime and circumstances sure, the problem with alexandria is that it doesnt have any decent management.

theres only two types of people in the world labor and management. when something goes wrong in an organization its never labor's fault -- its always managements fault because its management's task to train, supervise, inspire, motivate labor to get the job done.

look at the management you have in alexandria. you have a mayor that dont stand for anything and you cant believe not one word that comes out of his mouth. on the city council you have a gang of thugs and together these two factions couldnt manage their way out of a wet paper sack -- unless of coz theres something to steal on the other side.

oh sure the mayor will "stand up to the city council" but if you notice its only when his or his administrations authority is being usurped. mayor roy has shown time and time again that he doesnt have any problem whatsoever in taking away the peoples rights and civil liberties.

who in their right mind is going to work for an organization like this?

kalb reports in this video that the city of alexandria has more than two hundred vacant jobs. over two hundred vacant jobs.