18 September 2007

fake christian church/school fires football coaching staff

we knew back on 11 june 2007 when the town talk first reported that the donahue family church was purchasing cowboy town that this church was a croc of crap. all it took to arrive at that conclusion was a quick look at donahue family church's website and the link there to fox news.

no real christian church would be promoting fox news and by extension rupert murdoch, news corporation, myspace and the fox television network.

what company has done more to undermine the morals of the nation than news corporation? fox news is nothing but lies and propaganda and anyone who believes what they report as news isnt very smart to begin with. we know for a fact that myspace is full of nothing but prostitution and porn not forgetting news reports we've seen about the pedophiles who troll myspace. the fox television network through its programming is another major destroyer of the nations morals.

this is who these donahue dungbags are promoting. we dont know but even if the preacher, the deacons and the elders of this church dont know all this, that just shows they have no real christian spiritual discernment and shouldnt be in the religion biz.

anyhooo bret mccormick assistant sports editor over at the town talk has a very interesting blog entry called "are middletons victim of double standard?" check it out.