28 November 2008

black friday


28 NOVEMBER 2008


a 34 year old overnight stock clerk was pronounced dead around 6:03 am est after he was knocked down and trampled to death this morning
at the wal-mart store located at 77 green acres road by people whom 27 year old kimberly cribbs a shopper who witnessed the incident called "savages."

forty-three year old jimmy overby, a wal-mart co-worker of the deceased was quoted by the new york daily news as saying
"he was bum-rushed by 200 people, they took the doors off the hinges. he was trampled and killed in front of me. they took me down too...i literally had to fight people off my back." ~ source
UPDATE: the victim was identified by the media as thirty-four year old jdimytai damour. the new york daily news is describing him as a "temporary maintenance worker from jamaica queens," new york. the daily news reported that witnesses said that mr. damour "was gasping for air as shoppers continued to surge into the store after its 5 a.m. opening."

the daily news reported that
even officers who arrived to perform cpr on the trampled worker were stepped on by wild-eyed shoppers streaming inside, a cop at the scene said. "they pushed him down and walked all over him," damour's sobbing sister, danielle, 41, said. "how could these people do that? "he was such a young man with a good heart, full of life. he didn't deserve that." damour's sister said doctors told the family he died of a heart attack. his cousin, ernst damour, called the circumstances "completely unacceptable." "his body was a stepping bag with so much disregard for human life," ernst damour, 37, said. "there has to be some accountability." ~ source
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black friday 2006 video
1:30 pm cst: football today: arkansas razorbacks @ lsu tigers
3:15 pm cst at halftime arkansas leads lsu 7-6.
3:58 pm 3rd. qtr. arkansas goes ahead to make it 14-6
lsu scores and completes two point conversion on second play after arkansas called for pass interference. [video] cbs says this is lsu's best drive so far.
score tied 14 -14 with 7:47 remaining in 3rd.
4:08 pm arkansas runs a 65 yd touchdown and kicks extra pt. 21-14 w/ 5:46 left in 3rd.qtr.
4:20 pm lsu scores a td and extra point to tie arkansas again 21 - 21 3rd qtr @ 2:22.
4:26 pm 3rd. qtr. ends. score tied 21 - 21.
4:31 pm 4th. qtr. begins.
4:54 pm lsu runs the ball 54 yds into the endzone. ball called back due to lsu penalty. 21 - 21.
5:03 pm arkansas scores td. kicks extra point with 5:06 left to play. 28 - 21.
5:20 pm lsu pass scores and kicks extra point ties game 28 - 28. :57 seconds remain.
5:28 pm regulation play ends gamed tied 28 - 28.
5:33 pm overtime begins.
5:35 pm lsu qb. #15 matt flynn runs the ball in to score; extra point good 28 - 35.
5:45 pm arkansas scores td; extra point good game tied again 35 - 35.
end of first overtime
5:48 pm 2nd overtime begins.
5:48 pm arkansas scores td; extra point good 42 - 35
5:53 pm lsu scores td; extra point good score 42-42
end of 2nd overtime
6:00 pm touch down arkansas! and extra point 50 - 42.
6:04 pm touch down lsu!
6:05 pm lsu extra point intercepted; arkansas wins! 50 - 48
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