21 November 2008

piyush is number one

lets see...a fast talking bull-shit artist, who is a known liar and who constantly deceives and scams, such as shamelessly getting on national television and outright lying over and over again about his accomplishments and this is the rethuglicans number one rethuglican? yep, sounds about right. its just more evidence that the republican party is still as morally bankrupt as ever.

washington post, 'the fix' politics blog by chris cillizza:
1. Bobby Jindal: There is NO hotter commodity in the Republican party these days than Jindal. Jindal is the rare candidate who both reformers and establishment types find appealing, and as a 37-year-old Indian American he is -- literally and figuratively -- the sort of new face the party is pining for. While Jindal is hot right now, it's important to remember that he is the governor of a state with a complex political scene -- meaning there will be myriad opportunities for Jindal to falter over the next few months and years.