06 November 2008

a glimpse inside the mentally defective mind of a typical republican party hack

someone named mike bayham who is apparently, a republican party operative/hack writes on his blog

"I’ve never disliked a Republican nominee more than McCain yet I’ve never invested more of my time and talent on behalf of any other presidential candidate."
"[T]he essence of John McCain the politician could be best summed up as someone who focused more of his energy on being sanctimonious than achieving victory. In McCain’s mind, this election had little to do with protecting capitalism and constitutional government. It was all about him.

Wrecking the party and endangering America’s future was but a small price to pay in order to give him the opportunity to further exorcise the demons that still haunt McCain from his association with the Keating 5 scandal. He’d rather keep his word to someone who had already broken his on a subject of little concern even if it meant losing the election.

Conservatives needed a fighter to stop the radical agenda of Obama & co. Instead we got stuck with a worn out tackling dummy that had no business running for president." ~ link
so mr. bayham knew, by his own admission; well in advance that john mcmadman mccain was a disastrous choice to run as his party's nominee for president, but despite that supported him anyway. there is no honor or integrity in that. jesus christ said that when a blind person leads a blind person they both will fall into a ditch. accordingly, because the republican party is led by the blind and the corrupt it has fallen into a marianas trench.

with rethuglicans its not about preserving and protecting the constitution, or preserving the integrity of their own party and its platform - its all about keeping in power fellow members of the organized crime gang that calls itself the republican party. actually organized crime has more honor and integrity than these rethuglicans because when they discover rogue, untrustworthy members within their organization they just kill them off.

and so who does the justly defeated rethuglican's turn to, to lead them out of the wilderness of their own making? the proven liar, fraud, scam, conartist, rino: piyush "bobby" jindal. lol. einstein said that the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. republicans are truly insane.
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