09 November 2008

moon griffon quits the republican party!

the baton rouge morning advocate via bossier independent

the rats are deserting the sinking ship

is this for real or just a publicity stunt? perhaps, mr. griffon has a conscience after all and has had enough of being a useful idiot for the likes of liars like piyush "bobby" jindal, rodney alexander, kay "bucket of bolts" katz and all the other "republican" frauds and subversives that over the years he has relentlessly used his state-wide talk radio program to moon and coon for.

or maybe, he could no longer handle the pressure of being exposed as a liar and propagandist shill.

now hopefully, mr. griffon will start telling the truth for a change. however, we still think that the government should reinstitute the fairness doctrine.

unless and until mr. griffon apologizes to his listeners and the people of louisiana for all the years of misleading information hes given and for all the outright lies that he has told and begins to expose the organized crime gang that calls itself the republican and the democratic party, then this should be considered a publicity stunt.