28 November 2008

la-02 elect malik rahim to congress

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Dec 6th: Elect Malik Rahim to Congress!
From Kimberly Wilder:

Hi, I found your youtube site by searching for the word “lousiana", and looking for cool, environmental and/or artsy folks!

On December 6th, less than two weeks from now, all of us who believe in environmental peace and justice have a chance to put a candidate in Congress! Fate has handed us an opportunity, because Hurricane Gustav and Ike have caused the elections in New Orleans, Louisiana to be changed to December 6th. With the presidential campaign over, everyone around the country who believes in peace, and wants to make a statement against war, can all work together in one, small district in New Orleans to get an excellent candidate elected.

Malik Rahim is running for Congress for the 2nd District in Louisiana. Malik is a co-founder of Common Ground, which helped residents after Hurricane Katrina. Malik is a Green Party member and his campaign is focusing on environmental peace and justice. His opponents are: a Republican businessman; a Libertarian; a right-leaning independent; and the incumbent--a Democrat who is under federal indictment for corruption, the man who was hiding tens of thousands of dollars in his refrigerator.

Please go to www.votemalik.com to find out how to help. There is a lot to do, and less than 2 weeks to get it done. But, there is a lot of positive activity, including radio ads that supporters around the country have donated for.

Thanks for your help in this exciting effort. We can get someone in Congress who values peace! We have less than 2 weeks, and a really good chance!

Kimberly Wilder

If you go to http://www.votemalik.com, you will find more information about Malik Rahim, and why we think he would make such a good Congressperson. This is our very homemade, homestyle project made in hopes that people will act now to get Malik Rahim elected to Congress on Dec. 6th, 2008. Of all the projects you could work on now, including the November 5th movement, we believe this is the most worthy, timely and hopeful. Please help support a candidate for environmental, peace and justice, in his very winnable, 4-way race, on December 6, 2008. (And, after that, you can really take your breather from election season.) P.S. Political donations are not tax deductible, but are very much appreciated.
wst... note: the 'common ground' (apparently short for common ground collective) this message mentions does not appear to be affiliated with the zionist controlled by its rockefeller foundation front group common ground located in new york city. so thats a good thing. learn more about criminal world wide zionist organizations and their many branches.