18 November 2008

interesting write-up of huey pierce long

here is an interesting take by a non-louisianaian on our own huey long. this cut is taken from the 'brave gentiles' section of the website of john alan martinson, jr,. who describes himself as a black gentile.

mr. martinson's website has a wealth of information on the jewish criminal network or "jcn" as he referrers to them.

we're especially thankful to mr. martinson for his turning us on to the works of dr. tony martin, professor of africana studies, wellesely college, massachusetts and the late dr. john henrik clarke, who pioneered awareness that jews were responsible for the african slave-trade in american history.

Huey Long was the kind of man you’d be hard pressed to not like. In the 30s he was planning a bid for the presidency; a move which would have easily derailed the Jewish, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

For the Jewish Mafia, this simply couldn’t happen. At the time of Long’s popularity, Adolf Hitler, was also coming into power and two men opposed to the rule of the international Jewish Crime Network would mean a crushing defeat for Jewish controlled Russia.

FDR had plans to move the United States into an era of communism under the guise of democracy. It was Roosevelt that popularized the very word ‘democracy’ in American political speech. Long was keenly aware of these tactics and the Jewish Mafia’s ability to take control of the economic arena by way of the establishment of the Federal Reserve.

As governor of Louisiana in 1928 and later U.S. Senator in 1932, Long initially supported Roosevelt but eventually realized that the Great Depression was the result of the criminal Jews behind the Federal Reserve.

It was around that time, 1913, that the Jewish Mafia opened Wall Street and the ADL (Anti-Defamation League). The latter of which became a Jewish spy hub with a primary focus on denouncing anyone critical of the crime network as a mere anti-Semite (a term the Jews stole, as Arabs are Semitic people).

In August of 1935 Huey “Kingfish” Long, announced his bid for presidency. In an effort to keep criminal Jews from becoming too wealthy and powerful, Long proposed the “Share Our Wealth” program which would cap all family assets at $5,000,000 and require that each household income could not go over $1,000,000 in annually.

Long was also a warrior for Black Gentiles, and often criticized by those sympathetic or working for the Jewish Mafia, because a powerful Black American culture would mean there would be no more scapegoat for the Jewish criminals (who would later open the NAACP and deny it a Black president for 60 years).

Long advanced the literacy rate in Louisiana from 22% illiteracy to only 5%. Despite his loving empowerment of Americans, on Sunday, September 8, 1935, Long was in Baton Rouge at the capital building, attending a session called by Judge Benjamin Pavy, one of Long’s political enemies.

Long walked down a corridor and Judge Pavy’s son in law, Dr. Carl Weiss, walked up to him and shot him in the abdomen. Long’s bodyguard’s rightfully riddled Weiss’s body with 30 rounds and then found that their charge thankfully wasn’t fatally wounded.

However, at the hospital it was discovered that Long was facing blood poisoning because Weiss’s round had penetrated a kidney. Two surgeons were on their way from New Orleans but a Jewish doctor insisted that he could manage the operation.

The Jewish doctor botched the operation so severely that the New Orleans surgeons, finally having arrived, called out the doctor as an obvious accomplice. Long would die on September 10, 1935.

Today, the Jewish criminals intend to rewrite history by claiming that Long was shot by his own bodyguards on accident and that Weiss just punched him.

For more information on the man who could have changed American history and prevented World War II and the deaths of millions of Gentiles, please visit Judical-Inc. To see some speeches of the charismatic and beloved Huey Long, watch All the King’s Men. Finally, HueyLong.com has a wealth of information on him. Assassinated