10 November 2008

daily kingfish posts exclusive photos of a 'clandestine' meeting between quack "dr." bill cassidy and no party candidate michael jackson

click picture to enlargesource: louisiana sec'y of state elections division

the democrats have it in for state representative and former democratic party and now no party former la-06 congressional candidate, michael jackson -- because they feel that rep. jackson threw the election to the rethug quack "dr." and fluoride pusher: william "bill" cassidy.

don cazayoux, the defeated democratic party incumbent was just another treasonous, traitorous rat of a congressman and deserved to be soundly voted out. unfortunately, simple minded louisianians allowed themselves -- once again, to be tricked into voting for a nutter, this time in dr. mengele errr cassidy. wst... was pulling for rep. jackson.

the loss of the seat was the democrats own fault though, cos all they had to do was air some commercials about the hazards and health risks associated with fluoride. cassidy, a state senator and alleged medical doctor supported mandatory water fluoridation (which amounts to mass medication without informed consent) but the dum-o-crats couldnt do that though -- because the bill, senate bill no. 312, was authored by dikey looking, lake charles democrat, willie landry mount. so the democrats get what they deserve...

we're sure that mr. cazayoux will be fine. he will most likely go back to pointe coupee parish and get his job back at the district attorney's office there and help cover up crime. that or like his predecessor richard hugh baker, get a lobbyist job in d.c.

anyway, click here or the link to view the photos.