16 November 2008

memorial service for madelyn dunham

click here or slide timer bar over to 20:10 to catch the beginning

UPDATE: the honolulu advertiser has removed ms. dunham's memorial service video.

sandra oshiro, managing editor for digital/multimedia lets us know by email:
We'll see if we can add the looped version of the service video to our Obama special report. I'll e-mail you if we can.
Thank you for your interest in our site.
Sandee Oshiro
there is a news article about ms. dunham's memorial service on the honolulu adversiter website here or download our .pdf of the article here.
a looping video stream of the public tribute service for madelyn dunham, barack obama's grandmother. ms. dunham was remembered for her great intellect and integrity. ms. dunham was known in hawaii as the 'dean of escrow.'

u.s. sen. daniel akaka was among those who attended the tribute. family members will hold a private memorial service for ms. dunham later, which her grandson, president-elect barack obama, is expected to attend.

according to the honolulu advertiser, the memorial, held on saturday 15 november 2008, was organized by bank of hawaii officials, borthwick mortuary and friends.