04 November 2008

04 november 2008 election rapides parish returns

UPDATE: 9:06 pm cst the louisiana secretary of state website has crashed

we just returned from voting. for once, we timed it just right; there was no line at all. the precinct workers said this was the first lull they had all day and that the line had been out the building and down the sidewalk most of the day.

heres how we voted:

president - ralph nader. casting a ballot for mr. nader was the least we could do since he spoke out for our murdered and injured shipmates on the uss liberty agtr-5 as well as against aipac.

u.s. senator - john kennedy. we were going to vote for one of the third or no party candidates but decided at the last second to vote for kennedy.

9th judicial district court judge - mary lauve doggett. no one from the rapides parish district attorney's office should be promoted to anything.

third circuit court of appeals justice - triston knoll.- this was a crap shoot.

constitutional amendments - no to all, per c.b. forgotston's recommendation.
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polls close in louisiana at 8:00 p.m. cst