27 November 2008

a pointer earns best in show @ the 2008 national dog show

after the meal today, someone flipped on a television and the national dog show was on. it was held at the greater reading expo center, reading, pennsylvania, saturday, 22 november 2008 and hosted by the kennel club of philadelphia. nbc sports was broadcasting it for the first time.

we didnt get to see all of the groups, but during breaks in the conversations, one group we did see was the sporting dogs and was impressed with the pointer and how it handled. much to our delight the pointer won its group and went on to win best in show.

we dont follow dog shows and such but this was a great win by a well deserving breed. anyone from the south who has ever had the pleasure of hunting with or observing a bird dog working a field of bob white's (when there were still bob white's around) or woodcock knows what we mean; this dog was all business like that.

the 2008 national dog show
best in show
champion cookieland seasyde hollyberry

seasyde pointers, cape cod, massachusetts
champion cookieland seasyde hollyberry

one of the nbc show hosts, john o’hurley, mentioned that today's program will be available on friday 28 november 2008 from the hulu.com video website - most likely at this url: