21 November 2008

senator david vitter brings dave treen's crookedness to light

according to katc.com:
Sen. David Vitter is speaking out against a former Louisiana governor's push for his son-in-law to be nominated for a federal judgeship in place of U.S. Attorney David Dugas.

Vitter says former Gov. Dave Treen, a fellow Republican, is lobbying for President Bush to withdraw Dugas' nomination for an open federal judge's seat in Baton Rouge in favor of Treen's son-in-law, Lloyd Lunsford.

Treen acknowledges calling Vitter on Thursday to seek his support.

Vitter's Democratic colleague, Sen. Mary Landrieu, says she could have supported Lunsford if Bush had nominated him. She opposes Dugas' nomination due to what she says is his failure to prosecute insurance fraud after the 2005 hurricanes.

Bush nominated Dugas about 20 months ago, but Vitter claims Landrieu has blocked him from getting a confirmation hearing. ~ source
ah ha! now we know why dave treen, a republican, endorsed katrina mary landrieu snellings, a democrat, for reelection over her republican challenger.

it wasnt for the betterment of the state or the republican party or even the constitution (we already know that republicans dont give a damn about the constitution - democrats dont either but that goes without saying) mr. treen did it to benefit his own crime family. mr. treen wants to hook-up his son-in-law with a cushy federal judgeship. party loyalty, honor and integrity be dammed. what a shyster! and how republican of him.

we applaud senator vitter for providing us with a glimpse into how louisiana's criminal network operates.