18 November 2008

a new blog to debunk main stream media articles about u.s. attorney jim letten


Several articles, including a November 12th article by T/P writer, James Gill praise U.S. Attorney Jim Letten. The articles also reverberate dismay about the loss it would be for longstanding New Orleans corruption if President-Elect Barack Obama replaced Letten in keeping with his new presidential administration. I disagree.

One article even referred to Letten as "attorney general." However, the Attorney General, nominated by the President heads one of the 15 Cabinets of the U.S. Government, namely the Department of Justice. Although the head of each cabinet is called "Secretary," only the DOJ Cabinet has that title. Letten’s employment with the Justice Department appears to encompass the Louisiana region, although he is involved with other States –like a Texas case wherein a judge’s Opinion included details of aberrant actions by Letten.

But, there are more than enough glaringly questionable things Letten does in New Orleans....read more