17 November 2008

a lafayette, la. e.r. nurse gives some tips on how not to arrive at the emergency room

this is eerily reminiscent of the "you've got to wash your ass" speech our phys.ed. (he was also amazingly anal about referring to his class as phys. ed. or physical education instead of p.e.) instructor used to give....

Water is Cheap.. Take a Bath and Put on Clean Undies
If you come to the ER (unless it is a true emergency) and you are dirty I will mention to you that you should bathe...sometimes. Especially if you are here for boils, impetigo, lice, crabs, ring worm and poison ivy. Clean skin is important. Water is cheap. I have had to bathe children at times before I could treat them for minor ailments. I have had people tell me that they don't need to bathe but every two or three days. Yes. You. Do. You smell. ~ read more