14 November 2008

hillary clinton to sec'y of state? more obama non-change

rumors are flying that president-elect barack obama is seriously considering replacing condoleeza rice with his old democratic party primaries rival, senator hillary clinton. so far however, hillary is mum.

you might remember president-elect obama as the guy who ran his presidential campaign on some vaguely defined theme of "change" and "hope."

but how is it either change or hope when all the president-elect is appointing is the same old worn out insiders? this goes all the way back to his choice of a running mate in joe "plagiarist; i'am a zionist" biden.

this makes as much nonsense as the republican party, that admits that the party is in disarray. but instead of getting rid of all the rino's who ran the party off the tracks -- no the gop is relying on these same ones to lead them out of the wilderness.

about the only good thing that would come out of this appointment is that it would free up senator clinton's senate seat. but we're sure that the zionists will have someone just as bad or worse lined up to run for it.

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