20 February 2009

budweiser clydesdales in town for 2009 mardi gras parade

UPDATE: the budweiser clydesdales were in the 2009 alexandria, louisiana mardi gras parade held sunday, 22 february 2009. see the third video in the above playlist or click here for direct link.

Only the finest Clydesdales become part of the Budweiser teams. The physical requirements are strict. The ideal Budweiser Clydesdale should possess the following characteristics:

The full-grown Clydesdale should stand 18 hands (about 6 feet/1.2 meter) at the shoulder and weigh between 2,000 [907 kg] and 2,300 [1,043 kg] pounds.

The ideal horse is bay in color, has a blaze of white on its face, a black mane and black tail.

Most important, the Clydesdale will have white feathering on all four legs and feet.

All hitch horses are geldings, characterized by their even temperament and stronger, more natural draft horse appearance.

~ grants farm, st. louis, missouri, clydesdale stables