22 February 2009

hillary clinton with hat in hand begs the red chinese to continue financing u.s. debt

an associated press news article by matthew lee, "clinton urges china to keep buying treasury bonds," recounts sec'y of state hillary clinton's recent visit to red china.

the purpose of sec'y clinton's meeting with the red chinese was to beg them to continue to finance united states debt. sec'y clinton's new policy doesnt seem to jibe with her 27 august 2008, speech to the democratic convention where she appeared to criticize the bush regime's borrowing from the chinese. she stated: "the biggest deficit in our nations history, money borrowed from the chinese to buy oil from the saudis."

of course that was then and this is now. the bible says that the borrower is servant to the lender. you dont even have to be religious to understand this concept. what the american government has done is that they have made us all slaves to the chinese.

its not a matter of if but when (probably when the debt exceeds the value of every tract of land in america together with the buildings and improvements thereon) the united states defaults on its debt -- then the chinese will own america outright.

this is one reason why there really is no such thing as a constitution or bill of rights anymore. they have been replaced with a promissory note and a mortgage.

to paraphrase t.s. eliot, this is how america was conquered -- not with the bang of guns, bombs and a foreign troop occupation but through the whimper of finances and economics.