27 February 2009

'the light's' leonard ford chides two mysterious city of alexandria, la councilmen

although mr. ford, as usual, writes a thought provoking column for his latest posting to the cenla light blog, it would have been helpful if he instead of vaguely writing "with two new alexandria city council members taking office..." actually named the names of who exactly it is that he is on about.


Instead of trying to work together and move this city forward, Mayor Roy and several of the black council members have been at odds with one another about several issues that have led to some verbal exchanges or battles between them during the last few council meetings.

In my opinion, it was not Roy who initiated these verbal exchanges, but rather it was the black council members who incited them.

Again, I’m only speaking of several of the black council members, not all of them. And believe me, I’m not the only one who sees it that way. ~ read more