20 February 2009

mayor roy to turn his sparc / stimulus measures program over to clifford moeller, gaeda and the silk stocking gang

in what could be considered a bold political move, (but not such a good move for transparency or honesty) city of alexandria, mayor jacques roy, announced at the end of his administrative briefing today, his intent to turn over his $96 million sparc program to clifford moeller and gaeda.

mayor roy also announced that the new name of sparc will be sparc / stimulus measures. this is at least the third name change that it has undergone since it was originally announced.

the silk stocking gang to take over sparc: some gaeda board members: roy o. martin, iii, st. francis cabrini ceo, stephen wright, martin masden and legal counsel greg upton with the notorious gold, weems, bruser, sues and rundell law firm.

back on 23 april 2008 this blog opined:

what the alexandria mayor wants to do is set up this "corporation" under La. R.S. 33:9034. we can just imagine how this "corporation's" board of directors would look.

so if you dont want to see the same old gang of people like roy o. martin, charlie weems, wayne denley, billy barron, martin johnson, buddy tudor and bridgett brown running the "economic engine" of this "region" and them and their cronies reaping all the benefits from it -- then you need to be against the sparc.
this is exactly what is happening.