05 February 2009

richard j goss / greenbrier motel shooting: widow issues statement to wst...

I'm the widow of Richard Goss.

I called the ambulance. There was no disturbance. My husband was very meek and mild tempered towards me. Never has he ever raised his hands to me.

He LOVED me with all his heart. It took 11/2 minutes from when the off-duty police officer came along with paramedics and shot and killed my husband in cold blood.

There are so many inconsistencies in their reports. In the report it said there were only 3 shell casings found, and that there were only two bullets in my husbands body. Thats a LIE.

I stood two feet away from the officer. My husband was 5-6 feet away, sitting on his knees in the bed, with NO WEAPONS.

He shot him 3 times. Paused. Then shot him 2 more times. That was with a 40 caliber gun with hollow points.

There were no bullet holes in the wall. If the Alexandria police Dept says I'm lying, then lets exhume my husbands body, and let another Coroner examine him.

I guarantee you that theres 5 bullets there. No one could be that bad of a shot from 5 ft away.

I have forgiven this officer for what he did to my husband. I had to if I want my God to forgive me when I sin. Now, I'm having to put everyone on front street because of them besmirching my husbands integrity and good name.

Everyone in this cover-up will give and account for the lies that are being told. Not by man, but by God.

Everyday a part of me dies because I am without the man I thought I'd grow old with. The Love of my life. My own special gift from God.

So know this gentlemen--You have blood on your hands now for two innocents. I sincerely hope this Officers job and reputation is worth it.

I'm THROUGH. I'm leaving this matter in Gods hands. I do hope and pray that the truth prevails and that the two that are now investigating will do the RIGHT thing.

I'd like @ this time to say how very grateful I am to Mike Magnoli @ News Channel 5. He stood fast through all the lies and controversy. He fought for the TRUTH when I was unable to.

One last thing. MY husbands drug of choice was ALCOHOL. He was not a "Crack Addict" as the Officers friends would lead you to believe.

Darnell Willis Goss | Thursday 05 February 2009 - 13:37:18 | #

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