26 February 2009

mike magnoli: beware speed trap tullos, louisiana

in the 2008 louisiana regular legislative session, the newspaper.com covered state senator joe mcpherson and his successful effort to have his sb799 -- which made it illegal for any state agency to have a plan -- even an informal plan -- that evaluates police officers based on the number of arrests made or citations issued, enacted into law.

however, if the part in the report
about police agencies issuing tickets outside their respective jurisdictions is accurate, it would seem that a more needful law making that scam a felony would be appropriate.

in the 2007 louisiana regular legislative session, state representative billy chandler, offered his hb195 which would have revoked the citizens of pollock, louisiana right to elect their own choice for a police chief and placed it in the hands of the town council.

this would of course made it even easier for the criminal network to operate pollock as a speed trap since the police chief would only answer to the council instead of the citizenry. thankfully, hb195 never became law, it was involuntarily deferred by the house municipal parochial committee.

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