03 February 2009

'the living legend' devin funck suffers a set-back

UPDATED w/video: :-s oh lawd! lets hope this is all a misunderstanding.

cory dunn accused of stealing from devin funck's benevolence fund

you might remember devin funck, the 11 year old slidell, la. boy whose left arm was bitten off at the shoulder by an alligator this past july, while he and friends were in crystal lake swimming.

his rescue by st. tammany parish authorities was described by espn as being of "epic proportions."

now its been found out that the guy who was acting as the family spokesman and devin funck fund manager, cory dunn, seen in the above screen grab from video taken back in august 2008, has been arrested for taking around $5,000 from master funck's donations account. ~ read more from usa today
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