12 February 2009

piyush the reciter

louisiana's rino governor piyush "bobby" jindal has been chosen to deliver the rethugs response to president barack obama's upcoming joint address to the congress. in this clip some news organization asked him about it and true to form piyush recites his same old tired worn out lines lies.

"cut taxes six times" - this is technically true but its actually a lie because piyush behind the scenes, fought one of those six tax cuts [SB 87] tooth and nail. then when the citizenry found out about the proposed tax cut before the legislature and rallied for it; piyush sensing the political winds swooped in and claimed credit for it and has been ever since.

"reformed ethics laws" - this is another lie piyush likes to continuously recite. the real truth - which is common knowledge in louisiana - is that he totally screwed up the states ethic's laws as well as the ethics board.

"adding jobs" - this is a newer lie in the piyush repertoire. c.b. forgotston shows that the only jobs that piyush has added has been state worker jobs.

what we would like to know is when are you main stream media news hawks going to call this twerp out on all this? just say "hey piyush, why do you recite the same nonsense over and over?" c'mon we dare ya, it'd be great...oh wait, thats right - you tumble-turds were part of the piyush scam from the beginning.