15 February 2009

cattle egrets return to rapides parish, la.

early this morning we noticed a couple of cattle egrets around the neighborhood. we're sure that all the cattle are pleased to see the return of their spring and summer time tick and fly removal pals.

growing up we had always heard them referred to as cow birds. once when we were in the navy our ship was doing ops down in the caribbean and
one clear day we were on watch up in the pilot house, when one flew in from out of nowhere and lit on the foc'sle.

we did a double take and in astonishment
blurted out to no one in particular and mostly to ourselves "look, thats a cow bird, whats a cow bird doing out here?" the old man turned around and replied with a grin "boats...thats a cattle egret." so we learned something new that day.


UPDATE: 16 march 2012 video of a cattle egret wading in water.
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