15 February 2009

did america suffer an economic terrorist attack on 11 september 2008? congressman paul kanjorski refers to an electronic run on the banks that day

congressman paul kanjorski on the 27 january 2009
edition of c-span's washington journal

via eric hufschmid

Don't underestimate the significance of his remark!

Congressman Kanjorski, a member of the House Financial Services Subcommittee, released some information that everybody else was keeping secret; namely, that a group of people were trying to cause worldwide economic chaos.

However, their attack failed because people in the banking system and the Bush administration stopped it.

Which day was the economic attack?

Kanjorski describes the attack occurring on Thursday at 11 AM in the morning, but which Thursday?

We could interpret his remarks this way: since September 15 was the day he and and other members of Congress were told of the attack, the attack occurred on the previous Thursday, which was September 11.~ read more

UPDATED: numerology and the economic attack on the usa
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