11 February 2009

julio julio julio

we saw this clown making a spectacle of himself on live tee vee yesterday...no, not the presidential clown -- the other clown.

unfortunately, we werent recording at the time so we had to wait to find a clip to rip.

our friend larry sinclair says that julio is gay and observes:

"college student julio osegueda, in all of his gay glory, stood praising the "one" at obama's fort myers town hall tuesday afternoon....from one gay man to another, julio, please calm down and get over your fantasy for the "ONE." and yes, i am saying julio is gay as gay can be! ~ read more
come to think of it mr. osegueda does have that old queen aura about him doesnt he?

anyway, huffington post has a run down here. it seems that the day before president obama's ft. myers event, julio was attempting to sell his ticket via his facebook page.