18 February 2009

recall anh cao

UPDATE: c.b. forgotston in a 19 february 2009 email writes that:
State law doesn't provide for recall of Congressman Cao

Louisiana Congressman "Joseph" Cao can rest easy. The LA Recall Law does not apply to Congressmen.

Article X, Section 26 of the Louisiana Constitution authorizes the lege to provide for the recall of only state and local officials except for judges of court of record.

The statutes setting up the LA recall process adheres to the constitutional authority. See LA R.S. 18:1300.1.

End of story.



it seems that a group of, um, black "ministers" are a little upset over congressman, anh cao's nay votes on H.R.1 american recovery and reinvestment act of 2009; namely, his nay on house roll call vote #70.

this recall effort isnt surprising and we've never regarded congressman cao's "election" to be legitimate. to us it was just evidence that the criminals behind the electronic voting machine fraud got a little carried away with themselves.

like we're supposed to believe that a majority black, democratic district in new orleans of all places, voted in a vietnamese, rethuglican in place of a black democrat? and yeah, yeah, we know that bill jefferson is under indictment but thats beside the point -- this is louisiana after all.

actually, no election in louisiana (or anywhere else) should be considered legitimate as long as it was carried out on electronic voting machines.

so while we wish the "minister's" best of luck, we think that this recall effort nonsense is a waste of time.

instead, what they should be doing, is calling for an investigation into the december election while strenuously demanding the removal of electronic voting machines from their district and the entire state.