11 February 2009

alexandria, la. citizen wants to know about cleco fraud suit settlement utility rebates

on 10 february 2009, the city of alexandria council held a public hearing to receive public comment concerning electrical utility rebates relative to the settlement of the cleco fraud suit.

ms. gayle underwood asked a question concerning so called rebates to alexandria utility customers who were overcharged during the period of time that cleco was overcharging the city for utility service.

such talk of rebates to individual utility customers is a waste of time. besides being conveniently next to impossible, if not impossible outright, to calculate these rebates, there never was going to be any such rebates.

talk of individual rebates was just a contrivance the city used to build public support to go ahead and settle the suit.

instead, what you're going to see when the city finally gets its money, whatever the amount, is an explosion of "professional service contracts."

for an example of what we're on about, look no further than to the loony looziana legislature, where we see this technique, year-after-year by how they launder money to their criminal friends with the so called "non-governmental organizations." this is how they get the money out.