28 February 2009

piyush "bobby" jindal holds an orlando fundraiser

click here to download two page .pdf [43 kb]

louisiana's rino governor, piyush "bobby" jindal, ever the unashamed, opportunist has used his recent "family vacation" trip to disney world, orlando, florida as a cover-story to attend yet another out-of-state fund raising event.

the official [cover] story put out about piyush's orlando trip was that he and family were on vacation because he "rarely gets to spend a lot of time with his three children."

however, todays [download .pdf] baton rouge morning advocate piece by michelle millhollon, reveals that ol' piyush the deceiver, in reality will sacrifice his family time; throw his kids under the bus, or even use them as an excuse to get away -- when there is some quick campaign cash to be had.

all while refusing to talk to some in the news media.

looking at the invitation you can see that this fund raising event was planned well before he left for orlando, as the rsvp date is 20 february 2009.

another interesting curiosity is that the invitation directs attendees to rsvp to david browning or meredith o’rourke at email addresses associated with the domain browningorourke.com

a whois search of the browningorourke.com domain shows that it is registered through bob parsons shady godaddy.com and it is actually a parked domain on a godaddy.com server located in calgary, canada.

further, the administrative contact for the browningorourke.com domain is listed as one meredith o'rourke of tallahassee, florida, whose given email address is meredith-at-charliecrist.com -- charlie crist is the republican governor of florida who has long been the subject of florida media and blogosphere speculation of secretly being a homosexual or bisexual.