01 June 2006

another pro-tax fake republican sen mike michot sb245

fake republican watch

La. State Senator Michael "Mike" Michot (R) Lafayette

here we go again with yet another bait and switch fake republican. as we have previously posted about senator julie quinn - republicans are supposed to stand for lower taxes and less government. why then is republican la state senator mike michot introducing SB245 which will "Authorize certain parishes to increase their sales tax by one percent.???"

what we would like to know is where is la republican party chairman roger villere at? why is he allowing louisiana's republican party to be hijacked by these bunch of fake republicans whose legislative filings as well as their votes are based on anything but the republican party platform and ideals?

a few months ago chairman villere issued a press release calling on governor blanco to resign if she wouldnt set orleans parish elections in a timely manner - well in that same spirit we call on roger villere to resign as louisiana republican party chairman and step aside in favor of someone who will actually control the republican party of louisiana and ensure only those who truly respect and espouse its platform are given party backing and in favor of someone who will stand up and say this and that bill is wrong and so is the legislator filing and/or voting for same.