09 June 2006

Record meteorite hit Norway

wow imagine this - tuesday evening around 7:05 pm here in louisiana (06 june 2006) which was 2:05am wednesday morning there a metorite (the largest known to hit norway) struck a mountain in norway with the equivalent of one hiroshima sized atomic bomb.

we've been seeing a lot of meteors in the night sky too. about a year ago we saw one that was green and had a trail. didnt hear no booms though thankfully. this guy in norway saw the flash and it wasnt until seven minutes later that he heard a "bang" that to him sounded like a "solid charge of dynamite" going off about a half a mile away [1k].

"The meteorite hit a mountainside in Reisadalen in North Troms [...] There were ground tremors, a house shook and a curtain was blown into the house" click here to read more.