26 June 2006

louisiana's reservoir thugs going nationwide

added 5:39 pm cdt monday 26 june 2006. moon griffon mentioned this story on his radio program this morning and we have the .mp3 audio of it here.

**updated 1:06 pm cdt monday 26 june 2006**
washington parish hard copy msg board is reporting via a news item in beatrice, nebraska's beatricedailysun.com that outraged nebraskans put a stop to the proposed reservorization of their community.
"With about 100 area residents jammed into the district office's conference room, the board voted 11-9 with one abstention to terminate its participation in Louisiana Purchase Group's plan to construct a 4,000-acre lake development south of Pawnee City." click here to read the minutes (page 6 starting at no.9 standing committees > C. executive committees >2.) of that meeting.
click here to read more from the beatrice, nebraska dailysun.com and click here to read more at the washington parish hard copy msg board.
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nebraskans look out!

this reservoir update brought to you by our friends at community preservation alliance and the washington parish community alliance:

Dear Algis,

Concerning your article Lake would be one of state's largest
BY ALGIS J. LAUKAITIS / Lincoln Journal Star Thursday, Aug 04, 2005
Link to story
You mentioned developer William Reed of Falls City.
You also Said, "Reed was involved in a similar project called Poverty Point near Delhi, La., where he grew up.
Some of the same investors who helped build Poverty Point are interested in Lake Neiamoka, he added.

A statewide group of Louisiana Residents are fighting corrupt politicians building 14 Reservoirs.

It seems that the Thompson Reservoir Corruption is expanding into other states.
This Scam has been exposed in Louisiana, and the people of Nebraska may be interested in this information.

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